How Do I Get a Library Card?

Library services are provided to legal residents of Hancock County and surrounding communities. To obtain a Library Card, complete a Borrowing Privileges Application (available at any library branch) and provide the following items:

If you are resident of the area, please provide one of the following:

  • A valid Mississippi driver’s license
  • A local senior citizen’s ID card
  • A Mississippi non-driver’s picture ID
  • Military families are exempt from residency requirements with proof of military service


  • One other piece of identification with your name and current address

If you recently relocated here, please provide:

  • A valid driver’s license

and one of the following with your name and current address:

  • A local city/county property tax receipt
  • A local automobile tag receipt
  • A local gas, water or electricity utility bill

If you are just visiting, please provide:

  • A valid driver’s license or valid picture ID
  • Two other forms of identification with name and current address
  • Payment of a $25 per year user fee