The Hancock County Library System sponsored a Halloween writing contest to celebrate the release of the new Goosebumps movie, based on the popular series by R.L. Stine. Thank you to all of the students of Hancock County that entered the contest; your stories were all creative and spooky for sure! Thank you also to the parents and teachers that encouraged participation in the contest! Congratulations to the winners, Madison Mitchell, a fifth grader at North Bay Elementary, and Amelia Kidd, a fourth grader at Holy Trinity Elementary School. Their winning stories are published below. To learn about other library events, visit the library’s website at


“The Goosebumps Regatta”
by Amelia Kidd
Holy Trinity Elementary School

The Bay Waveland Yacht Club is a place to hang out with family and friends. However, on October 31st when the club closes at ten the Goosebumps Halloween party begins. The Invisible Boy, Slappy the Doll, Fifi the Vampire Poodle, the Giant Praying Mantises, the Werewolves, the Vampires, the Villains, the Pumpkinheads, the Scarecrows, the Creeps and all of their evil friends come down from the dreadful third floor to dance and play while they get ready for their big sailing regatta. The winner of the regatta gets to roam the Bay free from their storybooks until next Halloween.

The boats are rigged and the teams are slowly creeping out of the harbor. They are careful not to wake up the giant swamp monster. He will put seaweed in the rudders of whoever wakes him up. The Bay water is calm and still with fog so bad they can hardly see. They are all quiet as they wait for the clock to strike midnight. At midnight the ghostly winds pick up and the Werewolf howls to start the race.

The boats set sail and the Vampires are in the lead with their pet, Fifi the Vampire Poodle. Fifi and the Vampires fear the water because they think it’s Holy and it may burn them. The Invisible Boy is secretly in their boat. He now makes his move and flips the Vampires’ boat over into the Bay. The Vampires scream, not because the salt water burns them, but because they are out of the race.

The Creeps and the Werewolves are tied for the win now. The Villains, the Pumpkinheads, and the Invisible Boy’s team are not far behind them. The race is getting close and violent. The Werewolves tack next to the Creeps and one of them jumps high up onto the Creeps’ main sail. The Creeps’ main sail is clawed to pieces. They are stranded in the Bay and out of the race.

The ghosts in the Bay decided to take over now and blow strong winds. The water is now very rough and it’s hard for the rest of the sailors to get to the finish line. The werewolves are howling because they think they are going to win. To everyone’s surprise, the Pumpkinheads speed to the finish line and win this year’s Goosebumps Regatta!

R.L. Stine is back at the dock waiting to congratulate the Regatta winners. As the sailors come back into the spooky harbor they can hear all of their evil friends cheering. One, two, three, four, who’s the winner of the shore? Pumpkinheads, Pumpkinheads they are the ones who take the win!

The party continues on the second floor. All of the Goosebumps are singing, dancing, and bobbing for eyeballs. The Invisible Boy joins the band and sings his favorite song, Thriller. All of the evil friends dance to this one last song before R.L. Stine sends them back to their books on the dreadful third floor. As for the town of Bay St. Louis, you should all beware of the roaming Pumpkinheads!


“In the Name of Halloween”
by Madison Mitchell
North Bay Elementary

One day a girl was going to a Halloween festival. Her name was Tiffany, and she was fourteen years old. She was walking with her best friend, who was named Oliver, to the festival. Then Oliver tripped over a random guy’s shoe. “Hey! Watch it, you big dumb-” Oliver cut herself off. She was staring at Barack Obama, or at least someone that looks like him. Tiffany quickly grabbed Oliver by the shoulder and took her over to the ring toss before she acted like a total fan girl. The festival was fun, although Oliver would carelessly walk into a wall every time they passed a snack stand.

When Tiffany and Oliver were walking to their homes, they saw the man that looked like Barack Obama. He suddenly took off his mask to reveal that he was LeBron James. Immediately Oliver bowed down to him, just because LeBron James is awesome. Then Oliver and Tiffany started feeling very sleepy, as LeBron James dragged them into his white van.

Tiffany found herself and Oliver kidnapped by LeBron James. “I will let you go if you two buy me bacon soda and cocoa,” said LeBron James. This was an easy task because they both had enough money, although they had no idea about where they could buy bacon soda. They went on eBay to get the bacon soda, and went to Walmart for the coca. Yet they did not know that LeBron James was not using the bacon soda for breakfast, nor was he using the cocoa for chocolate milk. He was using those items to create a magical llama costume that would make everyone give him all of the candy on Halloween night.

The next day was Halloween. Tiffany and Oliver had given LeBron James the bacon soda and cocoa. When LeBron started his llama costume, Tiffany was listening to his plan, and realizing that he was going to steal all of the candy. “Not today, LeBron,” she whispered to herself. Quickly she called Oliver but at the time, Oliver was at a noisy mall. Oliver heard incorrectly and thought Tiffany was at a hall of bronze.

Later that day, LeBron James was finishing his magical llama costume. Oliver was in the hallway the color of bronze. Tiffany was getting in her Sailor Hallow costume, taking with her a magical bone boomerang, because she's the guardian of Halloween, and she would need it to fight off LeBron James.

It was time to start trick-or-treating, so Oliver left the hallway and got into her Sailor Candy suit, as a guardian of candy, she was Sailor Hollow’s sidekick. Oliver thought it would just be normal to wear her sailor suit, but then she got a text from Tiffany saying that they had to fight LeBron James, so they went to find him.

When Oliver and Tiffany found LeBron James, they both said “We are the guardians who fight for love and for justice! We are the Halloween scouts!” Then they had a battle against LeBron. “Super sour gummy worms!” yelled Oliver, as very sour gummy worms appeared in LeBron’s mouth. While he was still suffering, Tiffany had thrown her bone boomerang, and defeated him. Then everyone had a happy Halloween.