About your Privacy

The Hancock County Library System is committed to providing superior library and information services to all Hancock County residents. We collect only customer information needed to provide you and your family with access to and borrowing privileges for more than $2.1 million worth of print and non-print resources purchased with local taxes assessed for library service. We use this information only to enroll you as a customer, to provide the services you expect, to administer your account and to offer you new and improved services.

As a government agency, we use personal data including your ID information to prevent fraudulent use of your identity to obtain those privileges and to protect local tax investment in library resources.

We use security safeguards to protect that data. Paper copies containing personal data are shredded after three (3) months to further protect you.

We safeguard this information with advanced technology and well-defined employee practices to ensure that customer data is processed promptly, accurately and completely. We hold employees responsible for abiding by state laws and library policies regarding confidentiality of library records and customer data.