Your Personal Identification Number or PIN insures the privacy of your library records. It is your own "password"        that you use when interacting with the library computer system. You need a PIN to:

  • check your own library records
  • renew books
  • request items
       You make up your own PIN. When you first obtain a library card, you are given a generic PIN number of 
       "5555."  When you go online and check your account, you can then change your PIN number to whatever you

       Creating your own PIN.
  • After accessing the Easy Access Catalog, click on the My Account tab. You will be prompted for your library card number and PIN (remember, you were automatically given a generic PIN of "5555.")
  • Your account information will display. Select Profile.
  • You must enter your old PIN. If you are doing this for the first time, your old PIN is 5555.
  • Enter the new PIN number you want. Then reenter it again.
  • Then click on Update.

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