Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Encyclopedia.com provides users with more than 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Each article is enhanced with links to newspaper and magazine articles as well as pictures and maps

Search more than 4,500 articles on the world of knowledge--from aardvark to Zambia

Search a simplified version of Britannica Encyclopedia

Worldbook Online
World Book offers more than 25,000 encyclopedia articles that are carefully edited to suit the educational level of the users most likely to use them, from grades 4 through 12 and adults.

Miriam-Webster Online
Search the Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus to find word meanings and synonyms


Butterfly and Moth World
Is it a butterfly or a moth?  How do catepillar turn into butterflies? Find out at this fun site

How the Body Works
How does your blood move? What really happens when you breathe? Find out in this multimedia site

The Heart: An Online Exploration
Open up a giant heart and explore how it works

The Virtual Body
Shockwave is required for a tour on this website

Virtual Pinning: Anatomy and Cell Biology
See cross-sections of all kinds of life

A Virtual Pond Dip
Click on the creature to see it in action

Water World-Microbe Zoo
View microorganisms from ponds and streams


Basics of Tree Indentification
Find out how to classify and identify North American trees

Carnivorous Plant Database
Identify flesh-eating plants like Venus Fly-Traps

Tree identification Guide
Treefinder identification database  for North American species

Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States
An identification guide to native wildflowers in the Southern states


Periodic Table of the Elements
Chemistry help for elementary, middle-school and high school from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Space Science

Our Solar System
This multimedia tour for elementary aged students includes Information on the nine planets, the sun, comets, meteors and moons

A fun site with lots of information about Outer Space for kids

NASA website for kids
Lots of space science  information presented in a fun format for kids

Windows to the Universe
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research presents a graphics rich space exploration site

Celestial Times
A current astronomical guide for sky-gazers and planet-watchers

Science Fair Help Sites

Index to Science Fair Projects
This excellent site prepared by the Akron-Summit County Public Library lets you search for projects by subject or grade level

Science Fair Project Guide Resource Guide
A helpful site from the Internet Public Library