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OverDrive eBooks FAQs

Getting Started

Who is eligible to borrow e-books from HCLS?
Anyone who lives or works in Hancock County or who is a resident of a surrounding community that borders Hancock County.

What if I don’t meet those eligibility requirements?
You can still check out eBooks for a yearly fee of $25.00.

Do I need a special card?  If so, how do I get one?
You need an eReader card available at any library branch. Just show proof of residence as described above, or ask the library staff to allow you to purchase an out-of-area card for $25.00.

Will the service still work if I have library fines or overdue books on my card?
You will need to clear any fines or overdue books on your card, as they will prevent you from accessing our eBook resources.

Will I need a PIN number?  How do I get one?
Yes, please ask the customer service desk staff to look yours up or assign you a new one.

How long can I keep an e-book?
You can check out your eBook for 14 days.

How many library eBooks can I check out at one time?
You can check out up to three Overdrive e-books at one time.

What if I want more books?
On the lower left of the OverDrive main page there is a link for Additional eBooks.  These are classic titles in the public domain (like Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen books) that are always available, never expire, and don’t count against your checkout limit.

What happens when my time is up and my eBooks are due?
Your eBooks will automatically expire when the loan period is over. While the books will still appear in the list on your device, you will be unable to open them.  

What if I finish my eBooks early?
To return and delete the items, visit the Manage my Kindle section on Amazon (for Kindle) or use Adobe Digital Editions (for other eReaders).  

Are there any overdue fines for eBooks?
No, the books will never cause you to get an overdue fine as they expire automatically.


How do I set up my device to use library eBooks?
Please visit our eBook setup page for specific instructions for setting up your device. The device setup does involve using a personal or library computer. If you do not have the knowledge to handle this step, please ask for help from a library staff member or tech-savvy friend.

Do I need to have an email address?
If you are using an eReader other than Kindle (or a Kindle app on other mobile devices), you will need an email address in order to get an Adobe ID to register your device and computer.

When My Help says it will open on a new tab or window, I can’t find it!
Try looking for a window behind the current one you are viewing, particularly on a MAC product. Check your dock or desktop for the new window.

Why don’t the library’s eBooks download as easily as the commercial versions?
This question is one that many libraries are asking, and it may be related to some concern on the part of publishers that the eBook format might threaten their overall sales of the print product. There is no technical reason why the library version of downloading eBooks should be different that the commercial model. Individuals may want to ask the publishers to hear their reason behind the complicated downloading of library eBooks.   


What devices can be used with the Overdrive eBook system?
You can read library eBooks on most e-readers, tablets, and smart phones. Visit the Device Resource Center on the eBook Portal: http://www.overdrive.com/resources/drc/ for a complete list of compatible devices.

Can I read library eBooks on my desktop or laptop computer?
Yes, you can install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and read right on the screen.

Can I check out books directly on my wireless-enabled eReader?
On Kindles without 3G, it is simple and direct. Simply follow the directions and download into your device. For other eReaders, there are extra steps.

How do the other devices download eBooks?
The majority require you to have a computer on which to download the eBook, and then transfer it to the e-reader via USB cable.  

What if I don’t have a home computer?  Can I still download eBooks?
If you do not have a home computer, you can use a library computer. Just ask the staff which one has the appropriate software installed.

Can I use a smart phone or tablet app to download my eBooks?
If you have a tablet or smart phone that accepts apps, you can use the OverDrive Media Console app to check out and read directly on the device.

Why doesn’t the library buy more of the bestsellers that I want to read?
Not all titles are available in eBook format for libraries, and the library probably could not afford to purcahse all the same content that we currently purchase in print. Where once libraries bought only print, we are now buying print, large print, CD books, DVDs and now eBook format.

Can I request books that I want to see the Hancock County Library System buy?
There is a feature on the Overdrive website that will allow you to suggest other purchases. Please keep in mind that the library does not purchase items from certain publishers if they have unfair restrictions on the number of check-outs or if the price of the eBook format is prohibitive.

How does the library select items to add to the HCLS Overdrive website?
We have a library representative that shops for eBooks every couple of weeks. The library generally prefers fiction bestsellers, but we will try to provide content that is requested as well. With a limited amount of funding available, we try to purchase the titles that we believe will be most popular for our customers.                                       

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